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We're sure in our Russian brides club you will definitely find your happiness!Online-Brides is one of the leaders in the international dating sphere, we are well-experienced as we have been working since 1999.My hair color is dark blonde and I have a blue eyes. I like to watch television programs for example movies, cartoons, horror, comedy.I'm seeking a man with 20..35 years old from any country. I enjoy spending time at surfing the web, movies, dance clubs, dinner parties. I live in Russia, but the distance doesn’t frighten me. My name is Yulka, I am from Belarus, Hrodna and I'm 26 years old.If you ask Russian wife to cook something for you she will gladly do it because she will regard your wish as a request to do something she's really good at and as a chance to make you happy.If she speaks English poorly now - give her a couple of month and she will amaze you with her knowledge.

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