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10-Dec-2019 14:44

Get Windows SID(sp.[sid]) AS ad WHERE [type] IN ('U','G') AND LEN([sid]) % 4 = 0; Disclaimer: The function does a very good job at parsing Windows-based SIDs because they all happen to map to a very particular pattern (S-1-5-... For things like SQL logins, server roles and certificate-mapped logins, the pattern can be different, and the function does not account for those differences, leading to errors or bogus values.This is why the filters are in place in the view, so please use this function with caution if you are trying to generate Windows-looking SIDs from anything other than Windows logins - you will likely need to make adjustments for that to work.

In both cases, in order to ensure that the cloned machine (VM or physical) will work perfectly, I have to change the Machine's Security Identifier (SID) and the computer's name after the cloning process.This requirement includes changes from group to user, user to group, and domain account to local account.