Who is the birdman dating

28-Jul-2020 13:13

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' No." , she blamed the delay on her hectic schedule.

"You're supposed to set a date and stick to it," she said.

"But unfortunately in our business, it can be challenging sometimes." Wait a minute.

So two super successful entertainers can't hire a wedding planner to do all the heavy work and plan their special day for them?

After months of speculation, Toni Braxton has confirmed she’s engaged to rapper Birdman. She adds that Birdman is “very traditional” when it comes to his values and family.

" To which Toni replies, "We would probably still be together." Mc Scuse me? Trina didn't push for more information, but we wish she would have because this strange and secretive relationship has us all kinds of confused. Toni was happy to see him and greeted him with a humongous hug, but her sisters were still perplexed.

Kimora is so over being linked to Birdman so you know she’s fed up.