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They come from all sorts of backgrounds and generations, with different talents and widely divergent incomes.The only thing they have in common is they like women.Pro: His minimalist posse includes as few as four members. We don’t know if it’s his cuddly demeanor or uncanny impersonation skills, but the resident hunk on “Saturday Night Live” is catnip to the ladies.Con: Recently moved to Brooklyn and might not realize that only the lamest of the lame frequent Williamsburg nightspots. Pop production whiz’s maddeningly catchy beats legitimized Justin Timberlake, and cameos of his Curtis Mayfield-like falsetto are becoming ubiquitous on hits by Jay-Z and others. Pro: Likes to play the jukebox at Hell’s Kitchen dive bars.The model and TV presenter, Tyra Banks, has met a new man whilst on holiday in Bali The model and TV presenter, Tyra Banks, has met a new man whilst on holiday to Bali.

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To the many men who think they belong on the list, there’s always next year. The Yankee shortstop’s sex-symbol status has only grown since he was stalked by Mariah Carey, and mocked in American Express ads for his propensity to party. Con: Demands near-perfection – at least visually – in his dates. Tall, dark, super-serious mayoral press secretary went to Collegiate, then the University of Pennsylvania. Pro: He can give you a private tour of City Hall and Gracie Mansion.

Con: Plan on being a golf widow – he runs a charity tournament every year in Boca Raton, Fla. The Giants’ tight end became a fan favorite with his first tackle-breaking game.

Now he’s the biggest local gridiron personality since Joe “Willie” Namath.

Con: A romantic evening would end early bcause Skyler works 18 hours a day, starting before dawn. He’s 6-foot-3, with movie star looks – and he is chairman and CEO of Utendahl Capital Partners, the largest minority-owned investment bank in America.

Pro: Plenty of closet space in his Brooklyn Heights townhouse and his weekend place in Quogue.

She started out with her own show in the 1980s, and soon after she bought her own production company, her own cable channel, and she also puts out her own magazine.

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