Who is brandon davis dating

25-Sep-2019 01:56

Hello All, You can use the links below to view photos from our wedding. Wedding: IXDPhotobooth: https://us/brandonandlexapb/This girl has been by my side since we met in 5th grade. I am honored to have her by my side for the most important day in my life so far.

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I am stoked to have him down in San Diego and a part of this wedding.It was rare to find a summer day where we weren't hanging out, and there is no better fit for the title of "Best Man" here.Ever since our first Boy Scout camping trip, Geoff and I have been great friends.I'm so excited to have this girl back in my life and by my side for what will be an unforgettable day.

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Cara welcomed me with open arms my freshman year of college into a group of friends that did their best to remember to invite me to dinner (usually once they were in the cafeteria).

From the beginning, Ryan has been an incredibly reliable friend, and from baseball games, to exam studying, to whiskey tastings, he is always a blast to hang out with.

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