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22-Dec-2019 10:07

If you can relate, rest assured you’re not the only parent struggling with her child’s behavior.

Many others have realized that typical time outs and counting to three don’t have the effect they used to.

I have such short cycles too, Sick of bleeding every 3 weeks. To get my period on my birthday is just the shit shaped cherry on top of the infertility cake!

Not that doctors want to help me with it We're starting IVF next month, so perhaps 38 is my lucky number. Oh and no trains to where my horses are today, so no seeing them either.

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” Other times I’ve said, “If I see any of these superhero toys left lying on the ground, I’m going to throw it in the trash.” I had no intention of skipping swim class just because they were goofing around, and I also wasn’t planning on throwing away any toys. Often, we’re exasperated and react instead of pausing to see whether this is even the most effective or respectful way to speak to our kids.Other times, feel threatened when they don’t listen and try to up the ante by saying something extreme.