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The only reason they had bought that guitar was because it was the cheapest 3/4 guitar in the store.I was so impressed that I went online to find out more. In a day and age when everything is available on the internet, we don't know what to do when you literally can't buy something online.Manufacturing in China, at least for the most part, they make a wide range of instrument.Everything from student guitars to Acoustics made for solid wood and Fishman pickup systems.Bring your own low back camp chair (no umbrellas or over hangs).No outside food or drinks (okay to bring unopened water bottles).Check out the website for other festival do's and don'ts.

However, I am cheap and often deal peer-to-peer when buying a lot of gear.Ventura not only keeps small, local stores in mind, but they allow people access to quality instrument at nearly any price point.If you are looking for great deal on a quality instrument, find a Ventura dealer and try them for your self.I like to find used gear and save some money, but sticks, strings, picks, capos, and the occasional pedal will be bough in a local music store.

So when I learned that Ventura supported the same guys that let me play with their fun, new guitar stuffs, I felt good about that.

I actually own a Les Paul copy that I wrote a review about, here. Besides no one ever hearing of these guitars, Ventura is a great company that put out fantastic guitars. Today we find more and more brands going in the opposite direction.