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, 19 November 2006 (UTC) Well, since we're on the subject, Disney DID do something about the secret codes being passed on fansites.

Back in December 2004, they added the "Restricted Secret Friends" setting to the parental controls -- it requires the Parent Password to be entered every time a secret is generated or entered.

Game Adjustments1] Apprentice Knight Quest Part 2 has been changed so players who have not done part 1 can do part 2.

This quest will be removed on 12/04/08.2] My View has been expanded!

2.30.3 Patch Notes Game Updates1] Thanksgiving is almost here!

How can you cut that juicy Turkey without a nice carving knife?

Instead of wallowing in obscurity, the emulator has flourished with a vibrant community and regular updates.

It’s been so successful, in fact, that the dev team has held player conventions for years now.

updating toontown online 9 of 15-10

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You can now view your Skirmish record, Revolution boss seals and other neat features! You can access My View by pressing the V key in-game.3] Several new in-game UI improvements have been added - Quick Slots have been expanded to 5 slots. - Trade window now has a 3 second delay for confirmation.

Vandalizing the article is NOT a battle that you can win. Disney) to get some resolution to this issue, not Wikipedia. However, he/she wrote in their comment "lock this article so everyone will know".