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22-Jun-2020 14:55

This is similar to the old keyboard trick where someone in an office would run over to someone else’s computer and press Ctrl Alt Down to rotate the computer screen upside down.

You can do a similar thing on Facebook by selecting the upside-down language under someone’s Facebook account.

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You can accomplish any of these wishes by using IFTTT to schedule your customized Facebook status updates. Either one will work so long as you include the link in the email body for the linked post.There are a few other useful commands you can SMS to Facebook if you prefer using Facebook via text messaging: Do you want to confuse your friends and followers?Then why not post a blank status update on Facebook?First, in your Facebook account, go to Settings Blocking.

Next, in the Block Users section, just type in the person’s name in the text field.But what if you want to be able to post to Facebook without installing the app?