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Instead of performing two queries, we're performing one.While this problem sounds a bit far-fetched, we've seen it in practice enough times to know that all tables should be in the same database unless there's a pressing reason otherwise. Instead, they use relations among tables to create a one-to-many structure between objects, which has the same effect as an array.The advantage of using this method is that it will work across different database systems.Either way, you should use a system that manages incrementing unique IDs for you and not rely on a system where you query first, then increment the value yourself, and add the record.One common problem is older PHP code using the parameter to the query.

Once in a while, we see an application in which each table is in a separate database. Files.sql: CREATE TABLE files ( id MEDIUMINT, user_id MEDIUMINT, name TEXT, path TEXT ); Load_files.sql: INSERT INTO files VALUES ( 1, 1, 'test1.jpg', 'files/test1.jpg' ); INSERT INTO files VALUES ( 2, 1, 'test2.jpg', 'files/test2.jpg' ); Users.sql: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS users; CREATE TABLE users ( id MEDIUMINT, login TEXT, password TEXT ); Load_users.sql: INSERT INTO users VALUES ( 1, 'jack', 'pass' ); INSERT INTO users VALUES ( 2, 'jon', 'pass' ); function connects to the files table and retrieves the file rows associated with the given user.

In this example, the programmer chose to create a files field containing a list of file This technique is slow, difficult to maintain, and doesn't make good use of the database.

The only solution is to re-architect the schema to turn it back into a traditional relational form, as shown below.

Typically, these types of problems are much more subtle.

And they only appear when the database administrator runs a query profiler on your system when it has performance problems.

If you want to have a PHP application that scales, you must make efficient use of the database, and that means smarter queries.

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