Understanding men in dating

04-Jul-2020 18:20

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If you are one of the many men who feel like you sometimes have difficulty aligning yourself with your goals, your passion or purpose in life, or feeling ‘like a man’… The way that the male brain works we do much better focusing on one specific task than bouncing around between ideas.

then these next few steps of awareness are likely going to change how you think about yourself… When we are absorbed in a task, we are like a freight train that has built up momentum. If someone tries to distract us from our single task or line of thought, it often takes some energy for them to break our focus.

As it currently stands in the modern day developed world, there has been a large shift towards feminizing men and minimizing masculine energy overall. Sexual polarity in the developed world was extremely polarized and feminine energy was thought of as less valuable before the sexual revolution of the 1970′s.

During this decade of the hippie, women burnt their bras and men grew their hair long and got in touch with their emotions.

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The problem arises when someone is predominantly one over the other in the direction that they do not intend. This means that one of the partners is more strongly associated with their masculine, and the other their feminine.Am I now going to suggest that the pendulum needs to swing back in the other direction back to a pre-1970′s polarization? As I mentioned earlier, every being has a masculine and feminine energy.

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