Tunisia an dating marriage My free webcam

11-Jun-2020 07:32

There is, for example, after a divorce no alimony, if the woman is childless.

For children, however, even when the mother obtains the custody ( The cohabitation of unmarried and non-related persons of different sex constitutes in Tunisia the offense of prostitution, and is, as well, socially ostracized.

According to estimations, there are, each year, tens of thousands of such partnerships starting - but only in a .

And this gap is for most of the couples further widened by the different religions and languages.

"Sex tourism" is a topic of this website and will only be mentioned in the context of the discussion.

It is a business agreement between consenting adults - there is neither love involved, nor is one of the participiants unaware of the strictly business character of it.

While women in Tunisia have enjoyed certain freedoms and rights that are often denied to women in neighboring countries, the social norms have shifted since 2011.

Cohabitation is, though, easily possible, since the non-sexual interaction / cohabitation of individuals of the same sex ("") is not considered to be offensive, but rather a normal occurence.