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Next target was The Game's ride -- or rather, lack thereof.Later in the episode, The Game's "Change of Heart" date, Arana, described an intimate moment between two, saying, "He made a comment that he was going to show me what he has later on." Sadita quickly replied, "Which is NOTHING!Pa Rappa the Rapper is a wacky, music/rhythm game created by Masaya Matsuura that follows a rapping dog trying to impress the flower girl of his dreams.Pa Rappa is often credited as being the first major music/rhythm game.Sources connected with the production tell us Game then grabbed a loaded gun from his bodyguard's holster and waved it in the air.The final straw was a day later when Thug shot back with a video calling out Game, with a guy in the background holding a semi-automatic weapon.

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Women will have to compete for the rapper’s love and affection.

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