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12-Apr-2020 22:27

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“Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn agreed to the termination of the exclusive contract on [November] 14.We once again sincerely thank the artist and fans who have been with us until now," the agency confirmed on Wednesday (November 14).When reports that the two stars were dating surfaced in the local news media early last month, Cube quickly denied it.But Hyun A and E’Dawn apparently went public without their agency’s consent, telling the news agency Yonhap that they had been dating since May 2016.Avoiding romantic relationships, or at least keeping them secret, remains an unspoken rule.So Hyun A, 26, one of the genre’s most recognizable female stars, and E’Dawn, 24, a boyband rapper with a smaller but still substantial global fan base, took a highly unusual step in going public with their relationship last month, contradicting an earlier denial by Cube.“When we manage artists, we consider mutual trust and faith our top priority,” the label said in a statement released to local news outlets on Thursday, explaining why it had removed the two star artists from its roster.But by late Thursday, the drama surrounding Hyun A and E’Dawn had developed a further twist.Local news reports quoted a senior executive of Cube as saying that the decision to kick out Hyun A and E’Dawn was “not final.” The comment followed a 6.57 percent drop in Cube’s stock price on Thursday, which market analysts attributed to the news of the two artists’ ouster.

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There is no secret behind the reason why – Cube has said, in no uncertain terms, it’s because they revealed last month that they are dating and have been for two years.

I've seen lots of posts in Twitter saying that other fandoms signed up in PTG fancafe just so they could piss off people saying they should leave PTG fandom and be fans of their oppars instead. i only follow a few i-unis and they're having the time of their lives with the memes and acting super protective but i heard nothing of k-unis besides some hate, mostly at edawn, which was expected.

I will continue to support them.hyuna looked so happy during triple h stage on music bank today does anyone really knows how k-unis are receiving this?

“We decided the trust is broken beyond repair, so we are expelling the two from our company.”The news set off an uproar among K-pop fans in South Korea and beyond.“Hyun A and E’dawn have been kicked out of Cube bc to the industry idols aren’t people. They aren’t allowed to be themselves or love who they love,” one fan tweeted, adding: “Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves.”Repeated calls to Cube did not go through on Thursday, and local news outlets reported a near-paralysis of the label’s website as numerous fans tried to connect to it at the same time.

Hyun A, who rose to global fame after she appeared doing the horse dance in Psy’s runaway hit “Gangnam Style” in 2012, and E’Dawn, a member of the boy band Pentagon, recently worked together in the K-pop trio Triple H.

But why would a romance between two artists on the same label lead to them being axed?

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