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While dairy and egg products provide complete sources for lacto-ovo vegetarians, the only vegetable sources with significant amounts of all eight types of essential amino acids are lupin, soy, hempseed, chia seed, amaranth, buckwheat, and quinoa.It is not necessary, however, to obtain protein from these sources—the essential amino acids can also be obtained by eating a variety of complementary plant sources that, in combination, provide all eight essential amino acids (e.g.Roizen, MD, author of The Real Age Diet: Make Yourself Younger with What You Eat.The researchers concluded that "the life expectancies of California Adventist men and women are higher than those of any other well-described natural population" at 78.5 years for men and 82.3 years for women.

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Calcium intake in vegetarians is similar to non-vegetarians.However, the "lower mortality was due largely to the relatively low prevalence of smoking in these [vegetarian] cohorts".

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