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Your two same question and then your three was the beginning of that journey. So he was on medicine for that and his blood work was always, you know, great, because he was on Lipitor. We had a great day that day that he died and we had this beautiful sunny day. We traveled and um, he was a first line of youth group actually was down on the waterfront, Kentucky and uh, you know, just scored the winning touchdown of ultimate Frisbee and was just saying, wow, that was so much fun. Now at the time you’re not thinking, I’m now going through my, my, a rebound relationship, you know, you think I’m I’m in love, I’m going to marry this guy and uh, it didn’t work out and that’s okay. I have kids in club soccer, I don’t have time to, you know, go out and where do you go? You know, again, she was just with someone last week or, or whatever. You know, there’s a bunch of liars, there’s a bunch of cheaters. Humans are feeling unworthy, like, Oh my gosh, I’ve gained 15 pounds, but I’m not going to put that on her curvy. Well, if you’re not athletic, don’t put that you’re athletic, you know, because it has you list your body Type. Okay, So that doesn’t mean, I mean, it just means you’re not finding the one, but you’re having a successful time with online dating if you’re, if you’re getting meats out of it. Don’t have a picture of your dog and a sunset and your motorcycle without you in it. We want something up close, we want to see your body just like you want to see ours. You share what you do personally to help you stay in the gratitude mindset. And then at the end of the day you take it out of your pocket and you name something you’re grateful for. The first thing is, this is how you stay in a daily, daily gratitude.

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I think I just wrote a blog about this, another judgment, as you know, society puts pressure on singles, I think, to be married. It’s just, it’s a timing issue and it’s, it’s the way that we think about things is the way we put ourselves out there. Well, first of all, my book alone will teach them what it’s like, but to actually help them maneuver through it and people will only hire me for three, four, five sessions. New Speaker: Well, so when I retired and went to life coach training, they want you to pick a niche, something you know, a lot about, passionate about, whatever. So I just have a little section on my book that tells people how to say that with still be kind. You actually gave a lot of examples or a little mini scripts of how to say, I respect you. Our water really tastes good in Louisville, and I’m thankful for that. You having your gratitude stone in your pocket, every time you touch it is kindly reminder to be grateful for whatever it is around you at that moment or whatever you were thinking of. You know, everybody has things that happen in our lives. Kathy: Well, I’m really happy to hear you’re still cancer free. I mean, I, I really intentionally take time every day and it might be 10 minutes one day. Elizabeth, Let’s talk about how you founded the largest single group in Louisville, Kentucky with over 2,500 people. So I made a close group on facebook, so what I would do, and I, and I go over this in my book, so anybody in America that wants to start a single’s group, I tell you how to do it. It’s just, that’s what was available and Loveand Laughter Life Coaching. And it tells you how you can connect with me on facebook, my email, packages. And you, you come and we talk about dating perspectives and life and how to be a better you to be in any relationship and unfortunately that’s in person, but the coaching I can do online, on the phone, face time, I coach plenty of people that are not in my city, so I would be happy.Kathy: Hello and welcome to The Inspire Cafe Podcast where we bring you conversations and inspirational stories of people overcoming adversity and then how they came out of it transformed with a positive outlook or outcome. Elizabeth also wrote the book, First Date Next Mate: Perspectives in Dating the “Next” Time Around.People are incredibly resilient and we need to hear more of their stories. She talks about her journey coming, a widow and expectedly becoming a cancer survivor, and she shares what got her into helping others navigate the modern dating world.Také se zde určitě dobře pobavíte a najdete nové známé.

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Elizabeth: Like, oh my gosh, you haven’t been married in 10 years. I mean, there’s so many reasons why it may not happen on our timeline, but society does that to us and so that’s why singles bill less than like, oh, I give up, I’ve been single 10 years, I’m not going to find anybody, and they just, they have this negative perspective and they continue to draw to them negative energy. Well, might be because I believe good men are everywhere and maybe she believes there’s no good men anywhere. So I would say I would say that was probably probably the biggest one. Well Gosh, I think, and of course, I can give this answer and it will be different, you know, if you ask any other widow, but more than anything, everybody grieves differently. So for some widows it’s just about getting over the guilt. For some people, it might take a short amount of time. Elizabeth: Another reason is just to, you know, it’s been so long, just like a divorced person, it’s been so long since you’ve dated. Once they get going, they are like, okay, I got this. And I thought, wow, I’ve got this huge singles group and mobile and all I do is talk to my girlfriends about dating, you know, don’t sleep with them on that first date or through, you know, different ways of thinking and high. So someone is divorced, widowed, maybe a little bit older and not married yet. You can still be kind, but just just say, you know, this is what, this is how I felt. So I challenge people to think of things that maybe they wouldn’t automatically put in a prayer. Elizabeth: Yeah, and you know, if you do it after a date, you know, be thankful that you, you know, you have a life that you can go on a date, you have arms and your legs and a car to get you there and you know, maybe a little bit of money in your pocket to buy a coffee and there’s so much to be grateful for and you can’t be in self pity and gratitude at the same time. You also mentioned, I think it was immediately after this, I’m not doing this exercise, helped you later and I understand in 2015 you were diagnosed with eye cancer and you were told you might lose your eyesight. People listening to this podcast are like, well, I had cancer. If you just look, the sky’s a little bit bluer, the grass is a little bit greener and know when you appreciate what you do have, you know, I do have slight in my one eye and I have over half in my cancer eye. I’d be an error sometimes, but, um, I think that’s important. so I make an event, a public event, and I tell people, I invite all my single friends and tell them to invite their single friends and they invite their single friends. And you now, your life is still enhanced by new friends. So if you live in La, I offer a class every other Tuesday called life love and dating. Kathy: Well, if you’re coaching is anything like your book, you offer a lot of information and great tips and I encourage people to go get Elizabeth’s book.

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