Sims 3 xbox 360 dating

17-Nov-2020 23:30

These should be Cat-astrophe, TMI and any other achievement you didn’t get on the first playthrough save.These extra playthroughs shouldn't take much of your time.Have a Sim go for the invention related achievements (Leonardo Reborn, No Fate But What We Make).This will also get you the Moodlet Manager (refer to General Tips).All new Karma Powers, Challenges, objects and a completely new Adventure Mode (Mystery Journal) were added.You will find that a new console-exclusive town - Sugar Maple Coast was added as well.

You probably won't be able to unlock all the achievements in one 'playthrough' with one household but you can get a good majority of them.If you don't want to loose hours of gameplay I'd suggest saving, and saving often.

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