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07-Dec-2019 04:00

I gave Sext Machine a shot of my whole arm and upper collarbone. The algorithm, Walker tells Boing Boing, is a service “meant mostly for businesses who run sites that allow upload of user-generated content.” So apparently if you’re at work and you send a photo of your derrière before you get it lifted, there’s a better chance your company’s filter will catch it than if you mass-email the "after" shot. Walker also tells Boing Boing that he’s running texts through a program called Twilio, which stores everything.

“that pic makes me like 65% turned on rn :)” it said. I wasn’t willing to send my own naked selfies, so I googled “butts” and sent the first thing that appeared: a cosmetic surgery website hawking something called a “Brazilian butt lift,” which featured before-and-after photos of saggy and less-saggy butts. So, in very Big Brother fashion, you can’t have your own private tête-à-tête with a robot.

“I definitely do not intend to share the photos with anyone, but if people want to experiment with actual nudity it's probably sensible to avoid anything identifiable,” he says.

Perhaps this is just right, though — sexting with a robot while Big Brother watches feels like the way it should be.

I tried a shot of my calf: “that doesnt turn me on at all :(”.

I was starting to feel kind of pissed off, as though I were tease-sexting with an jerk who just wanted the money shots. There’s something comforting about a nudity-detection algorithm that raises a redder flag for a saggy butt as opposed to a perky one.

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