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Up until now I had thought that a permanent only tracks two players: its owner, and its controller.

However, if this were the case, then both creatures would be creatures owned by Bianca, controlled by Alex, and they would both end up the same place after Alex loses.

My favorites are the clubs who don't seem to care one way or the other, like Laguna del Sol, Lupin, Mountain Air Ranch, De Anza Springs, and most Texas clubs.

When I attend as a single male, they treat me as an equal without an air of suspicion. It's a strange climate, one that I think is not as discriminating as we think.

In conclusion, it's the establishments, for the most part, and usually not the people that give single males a bad name. Website: Singles Policy: "Our clientele are men-only, both couples and singles. The camp may also be reserved for the exclusive use of mixed and women's groups."--- Just east of Birmingham. From their website: "Our clientele is strictly limited to families & couples." "We have no single prices.

is a contact group whereby naturists/nudists along the Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast can correspond through e-mail. You will never find any lone guys on our grounds." Note from Bob Truett (the owner): "single parents are welcome to his camp.

In this case, I find a nice sunny spot away from the crowds and just enjoy the sun.

I realize that some couples like to associate with other couples without any third wheels.

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They also attract textiled males who are more perverse voyeurs than true nudists.So, clearly, we have two effects, both giving Alex control over creatures owned by Bianca.

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