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i personally knew all the members — they are now all dead but Richard Peters, Judge of the Fijderal Court, and Joseph Heister Governor of Pennsylvania, both very old— G.Wyncoop behaved v6ry honorable; he said nothing to be a reflection on the conduct of his father, voied for the Jill oti every ques- tion, went home and quietly manurnitteu every negro he had.away the hai'dnt;«ji ihe action of al^ivtuy (ii Kercised the Afri- cans in our country hai; degnided tl-em in body and mind, so. and i would call on the friends of hunuuji- ty, to use their best endeavors, 'egaliy, to restore bodn the one, and the oth^r to the dignity o'/ men, that fe Moiv feelings which co! noblest traits in the human characters may assume its native seat, and spread throisglx the continent, its salubrious iniiucnce, PHi LO Ilf LM ANITAS.I conceive, shat reaction, has been reciprocated So the degradation of Ithcir oppre«9(jr*i in oi Oi-.'?? Extractfrom Governor Voles' speech io the Legislature of Illinoi St The ordinance, established by Congress for the government of the North- Western Territory, declares that neither slavery me involuntary servitude shall exist in the country. — Does it, indeed, as some have insinu- ated, apply to white men only, and exclads all besides? s:'ar did with theirs; make there free saen, that they may feecoiiie Ubieiyl citizesis. But notwithstanding all this, how illy does our conduct correspond with our pro- fessions I What is meant by the use of the term "ALL MKN" in the case before us ? taken in the liter^ii sense in ; which we find it, or has it no definite mean- ing?

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a blessing to be brought to THK NATCRAL RIGHT OF ALL i this free Christian country, [; Caeaar—(asicle) MEN," Jack !

As there is, however^ no esception made in relation to these slayies in the general ^ad esplicit pfohibi bition contained in the ordinance, would see© to have been the intention of the fra- mcrs of it, tiiat slavery and involuntary servitude should cease.— Be thia, howeverp- as it may, the time ha? THE FATHEBS OF Ji FRICjm EMJi MCIPJl TIOj V, - 1NT? The editor of the Gen'uis of Uiiicer Hctl Eumncipaiion, lately received two let!

certainly arrived whefj the 'subject demands the serious con- sideration of the Legislature. yys, both from very aged meii whn huve taken an active part in t! One of them stili resijies ii.' that state; the other in Kentucky.

A few months since, I received a letter frbma Vdend in Ohio, informing me that sorau of the students s)f the Ohio University had formed an association called the Philo- snathian Society.

He stated that their ob- ject was to establish an extensive Library; and as it was something of a public nature, t IJCjr Wo»C wiliai.g »o »C'j O»»x/ «««f at ficat but cautiously, and with scriipy Sous ^stravajant tasation, that the o Sicers apprehension entered into, is now iu! Neither a Jefferson nor any other individual ol the as- sociate sages and patriots of '76, ever har- boured the monstrous idea that the small •portion of mankind onlif which are denomi- nated 'white,' ^vere entitled to the priviliges of freedom. - for the sons of corruption in these latter days, when they feel themselves ae-* cure fronn the attacks of foreign enemies, an»i when a iew years; tolera*^ioa of the diabolical practice of personal slavery, un- der the benignant rays of a Mepubiican Suri» nas familiarized tijem with the most obnox- ious assof iation of ideas, and establishedo according to their opmion, a sort of prece- dent, to oroach c jch, despotic, and prppf»steroua arguments,f^.f the basest of purposes. that many do now, & continuk their slaves in bon- DAGE r— -The rcugon is obvioua i they knftw it wag radically wrong—that it was toialiy irreconcileable with the principles thev strove to establiah; and the?

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