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06-Jul-2020 18:09

Luxembourg-based SES reported an 8.2% decline in its video business, still nearly two-thirds of total revenue, for the first six months of 2019.

The Networks division, focused on data for corporate and government customers and using SES’s GEO and MEO-orbit satellites, was up 10.6% in the same period.

Collar said data from a handful of satellites is not necessarily indicative of a full commercial service to customers from hundreds, or thousands, of satellites.

While maintaining his position, Collar acknowledged that SES’s O3B Networks, of which Collar is former chief executive, faced similar scoffing for its medium-Earth-orbit architecture.

Other operators publicly ridiculed the system and said it would not work. How can you deploy that amount of capital and be so delayed in generating revenue and still make a return? “It’s relatively easy to demonstrate performance on one or two or a handful of satellites.

Since then, SES has completed the 20-satellite O3b constellation and is working on a more-powerful successor, SES m Power, to launch starting in 2021. It’s a completely different matter when you’re trying to deliver a sustained service to customers.” J. Hemingway, head of SES Networks, said he could not disclose the terms of the mutual-restoration agreement with Intelsat, which took effect after this year’s failure of the IS-39e satellite.

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