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25-Dec-2020 10:12

Go swimming at the beach, steal a kiss at Sunset Point, or casually swing your arm around your date as you admire the gorgeous koi pond.

What’s more romantic than a beautiful walk next to the Detroit River?

The ever-popular River Walk is more than sufficient for your dating needs, complete with luscious green parks, a merry-go-round, and a charmingly small lighthouse.

One path off the River Walk also leads to the Dequindre Cut, a greenway that follows the path of an old railroad track all the way to Eastern Market.

Walk a few blocks into Greektown and hunt down some of the famous baklava at Astoria Bakery. Just be sure you go at the right time: The website clearly designates what times are allotted specifically for men only, women only, and coed.

Release your inner-child/aggressive competitor at any one of the newer arcade bars that have hit the scene.

Casinos, strip clubs, great restaurants, and the calmest border agents you’ve ever met (at least going into Canada) are all enough to induce unrivaled levels of passion.

A few hours pursuing the vast collection of John K. While the novio/a is digging the early American literature section and you’re knee-deep in vinyls, what you’re really doing is unlocking the secrets of your heart by getting to know each other better.Plus, on Friday nights, the museum offers up an incredible lineup of free (!!! series in the Rivera Court -- one of the best rooms in all of Detroit.You can bond over coffee at the gorgeous atrium cafe in the Kresge Court before the show.Ask any Detroiter -- or anyone in America, for that matter -- about their favorite love songs, and a sultry Motown track is bound to be part of their playlist.

Go on a tour of the original Hitsville USA, and you and your one-and-only will almost sense Smokey Robinson belting out “Cruisin’” in Studio A.Head down on a Sunday to check out the work of local artists, jewelers, and cooks.