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13-Oct-2019 05:06

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We live in the most open, freest society in human history.There are few if any restrictions on anything women can do.However, what about when people “discriminate” on the basis of height, weight, “attractiveness”?Does being heterosexual or homosexual mean that you are discriminating on the basis of gender?Now what about the issue of heterosexual and homosexual preference? A popular feminist theory is that there is a difference between sex (biologically are you male or female) and gender (which refers to perceived attributes: femininity, masculinity, etc).

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But can we blame the past for our current preferences?

Comedy Central did a bit a few weeks ago about sexual racism, that got me thinking about how it’s affected me and whether it’s something that can ever be fixed.

So I did some research and it’s a pretty fascinating topic when you get into it. Sexual racism is prioritizing a person as a possible romantic interest on account of their race. Some general statements you may have heard that could be considered sexual racism are: “He’s attractive for an Asian guy” or “I’m just not attracted to blacks”.

Then one of my friends straight up said the thing I was thinking but too afraid to say out loud. Even if it isn’t sexual racism and is just sexual preference, that’s just a shitty preference. If we’re being honest, I’m sure we all grew up in an environment that had some racist preconceived notions and these inevitably sneak into our subconscious.

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Now for something that deep, we can’t just switch it on and off, but we can start by just being aware of our preconceived notions and trying to eliminate them where possible. If you want to geek out on this topic, here are some of the sources I read when preparing this post.

Contributor u/Masters Blaster gave us this post in which he summarized and linked to a woman at an OLD forum asking men if they would date a single mom with a biracial child..