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The show was “Sons of Hollywood.” He starred with Sean Stewart (son of British rocker Rod Stewart) and their childhood friend and agent, David Weintraub. I really like to eat.” The couple has two daughters, Sage, 4, and Lotus, 2, so most family activities revolve around seasons and festivals.

This Passover he says Lotus latched onto the traditional song Dayenu and for weeks kept singing “day, day enu.” He says his mom loves being a grandma.

He landed a role on “Malibu Shores,” followed by a return to 90210 when a recurring role came up for Steve’s little brother. Knowing he wanted to do something different, in 2007 he enrolled in a life-coaching course and “it felt fitting.” So he signed up for the two-year Coach U at a time when most people hadn’t heard of life coaching and began his new career. Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, he picked up a magazine and began reading an article about Portland.

He also appeared in “Charmed” before starring on “Sunset Beach” for four seasons. There were four times when I could have or should have died.” Randy says he was addicted “to anything that would make me feel different – alcohol, drugs.” When his father passed away in 2006, Randy says he realized he, too, would die “unless something changed.” “Coupled with a feeling I had inside that there was so much more to life, a deeper spiritual connection I was in tune with before this madness,” he began to find his way out. “I got an excited feeling in my stomach and thought ‘that’s strange,’ ” he says.

I wanted to play with my friends instead of waiting days for one line; there were lots of takes.Kathryn was into meditation and metaphysical teachings.In addition to studying acting techniques, Randy began to meditate daily and started “down the road of self-discovery.” He became an avid reader of self-help, new age and religious books including Kabbalah.“Beverly Hills, 90210,” which ran from 1990 to 2000, gave Randy both his first taste of acting and a recurring role three years later.

A year after moving to Spelling Manor, Randy says his dad and sister thought it would be fun for him to try acting.Though based in Portland, he says he has clients from around the world with about 70% of his business via Skype or on the telephone.