Radiometric dating a christian perspective

03-Dec-2020 23:41

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There have been cases of this type of carelessness in the past.The last problem to solve is the amount of C-14 in comparison to the amount of C-12 in the atmosphere.

Just like if a different taxman came and counted that five-dollar bill in with the original twenty!

In the case of C-14, half of it goes away in 5,730 years, leaving the fossil with half of the original amount.

Eventually, the small amount of C-14 in a fossil is no longer a good indicator of age because there is so little left.

When these have been understood we will cross examine them in the light of scientific evidence and see how long life on our Earth has been here.

If the evidence points to less than 23,000 years as Bible Students believe, then we can conclude that the 7,000-year creative day is correct.Therefore, the person who stuck the five dollars in the pocket could not mix the money together with the original 20 dollars.