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07-Aug-2020 13:06

The show never got off the ground at all and wound up limping along throughout the 2007-2008 television before being put out of its misery.

The show today, made no major changes to the show, except for its host and its set.

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We had the setting up of dates in "The Dating Game" and the early arguments with "The Newlywed Game".While I can admire someone modernizing the set, this set just looked like some C-Level talk show, maybe from Pat Bullard's talk show which was cancelled prior to this show debuting.What ultimately doomed this version of Love Connection was the couples and the stories themselves.Instead, we have two couches bought at the local thrift shop with in someone's pocket who was a huntin' and looking for a come-up because it was "f'n awesome".

The only resemblance to the old set was when the contestants were being introduced with what looked like the old logo.Despite many time slot changes and the death of long-time host Allen Ludden, the revival ran for 3 1/3 years on NBC Daytime from 1979-1982.