Pipestem dating formula

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Augustine) Santa Catalina de Guale Loggia Repartimiento Governor James Moore Royal Ordinances of 1573 convento Mendicant Orders (Franciscan, Dominican & Jesuit) David Hurst Thomas Kathleen Deagan Clark Spancer Larsen Social & political impacts of Spanish colonialism Diego Rivera What is involved in the process of colonialism? What is cultural imperialism and what does each of these entail?

(it breaks down to four main points conquest & subjugation of native peoples; creation of new economic systems; creation of new social hierarchies; development of colonialist ideologies). Discuss some of the more prominent architectural differences between early English Colonial Period houses, such as the Saltbox, and the later Georgian style houses.

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Types of historical documentary info Visual documents Textual documents Primary sources Middens European imperialism/expansionism NAGPRA Types of historic archaeological sites Probate inventories Privies Battlefield archaeology Kinds of Special Purpose sites HABS HAER Synchronic Diachronic Spatial analyses/association Bottle molds Relative dating Terminus Post Quem Law of Superposition Formula dating Pipestem dating Kaolin clay Mean Ceramic Dating Makers marks Artifact typologies Geophysical prospecting GPR Soil Resistivity Magnetometer/Metal detector Activity area Spatial analyses Geophysical prospecting Settlement analyses Brunswick Town & Brunswick Pattern Stanley South Earthfast construction Fort Mose Black Seminoles & Maroons Major historic ceramic types (earthenware, porcelain & stoneware) Material culture Why do we know so much about historic period ceramic artifacts?

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Discuss what everyday life was like at an English colonial settlement such as Jamestown.

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