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15-Dec-2020 05:34

I need to know where I can get the charger and if it is worth the cost. I have down loaded the photo viewer software, but there is no trouble shooting menu. I hope this works for you Don't have a charger solution, but for those of you that are having the 'program terminated' problem, it seems that the keychain must be connected to the usb cable AND 'usb update' enabled, as opposed to 'usb charger'. I was a little frustrated reading the above...being a PC user.... mine is fully charged and i reinstalled the software about 5 times and it says "please connect to PC update picture" even though it is connected. I was given my photo keychain (The Sharper Image) as a gift. Now what is the next step to get this thing working. I just purchased digital photo keychain made by Innovage Products. For the MAC users - if you have above 10.6 you are sunk (that is everyone) - take it back to the store and get a refund. t took 4 calls (disconnected 3 times) 2 transfers and about 45 min on the phone to get this info.It says that the battery is rechargeable and cannot be replaced. the software shipped with the keychain did not work. Put the keychain in usb update mode and the start digital photoviewer 2.0. the program won't launch until it knows a keychain viewer is online. They say they are working on an upgrade to Snow Leopard, but .... Whether moving or saving your valuable data, Xporter Mini is the perfect choice.

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Subscription auto-renews at the end of the term (Learn more).IT IS an easy fix...uninstall the Picture Viewer that you got from the Disc they gave... Go to the top of the keychain section, it says "download".............. When i click on the software icon it says "please plug in your Photo Keychain using the provided USB cord and make sure the device is in update mode" but there is no option to put it into update mode. the only options on my menu are: Power off, Delete Image, Display Mode, Clock Setting, Clock Display, LCD Brightness, & Exit. IS THERE GOING TO BE A RECALL ON THESE CONTRAPTIONS IT SEEMS NO ONE CAN COME UP WITH A SOLUTION TO ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS. Be different from everyone else and sport this on your keychain, as a necklace or turnit into a mobile phone dangle accessory charm and you'll definitely be 'Rockin' with this USB drive.

Very Easy To Use The Mini USB is the perfect solution for everyone.

This page contains information about installing the latest Coby DP151 driver downloads using the Coby Driver Update Tool.

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