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21-Jun-2020 05:07

Burton says the first two matches didn’t go further than the first date.

The third match was a 70-year-old man, which was older than she wanted.

She called Nicole to tell she couldn’t pay the full ,000.

She says Nicole later agreed to charge her ,000.

By Valentine’s Day, she was ready to dive into dating.

“I was walking through the grocery store and I saw all these flowers and I thought, I’m not getting any.” At the first meeting, Burton says she was asked for details of her finances.

“There’s always been times in your life when you look back and say, ‘I knew it,’ ” said Clark. “She took my credit card and driver’s license and I asked ‘what do you need that for? ” She says she made it clear to the matchmakers she was not interested in men who were recently separated or fresh off a relationship.

’ and she said ‘we need it for the background check.’ ” Clark agreed to pay ,000. The next day she received a second match, but said the man’s lifestyle was not equivalent to hers.

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That’s when she disputed the ,000 charge on her credit card and posted a review on Google. Clark says Nicole told her she had quit the company but still cared for her clients.

“She started asking me my income level, what I had for savings, what I had in retirement,” said Burton.