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There are three classes of Ray Conniff albums; the first being generally early albums like S'Wonderful (1955) and S'Awful Nice (1958), of which every track is prime Conniff.

The situation is even worse with The Perfect "10" Classics, a cynical attempt to cash in on the popularity of the movie 10 that's not even very proficiently played, apart from long-suffering piano soloist Ralph Grierson; this album is way below Conniff's usual standard.

Though many wondered if the film would have a commercial appeal, Akshay proved everyone wrong as on Independence Day, and it became the superstar's biggest opener till date.

Surprisingly though, after a very good start, the film did not sustain as strongly as one would have imagined.

Launched in 1955, Conniff's sound had unthinkable longevity and success as a commercial musical enterprise; he sold more than 60 million albums and covered an astounding range of musical territory, starting out with evergreens like "That Old Black Magic" and winding up with tunes like "99 Luftballoons." Though often categorized as an easy listening artist, Ray Conniff didn't use a string section until very late in his career -- his work is unique and perhaps the slightly pejorative term "Supermarket Music" describes it with some accuracy.

Generally ignored by his label, Sony ex-Columbia, in the digital era, the Collectables label has discovered that Conniff has a niche market and is reissuing everything of his for which it can gain clearances; this disc combines Concert in Rhythm Vol. Conniff was a big fan of classical music and naturally would not avoid taking on the classics as he did nearly any other kind of well-known music. I telephoned and booked an appointment slot for 2.30. It was busy and other people were arriving with no appointment but all told they could be fitted in. After waiting an hour for a 15-minute, £8 file and polish, I was treated like a burden to the salon rather than a customer.

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