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24-Sep-2019 12:07

In my 46 years of marriage, the truth is there have been many times when the bishop and I wanted to go our separate ways.

And, of course, the devil is constantly trying to destroy our marriage and family of six.

In the 1980's she was romantically involved with dancer turned actor John Gibson and eventually got engaged in 1986.

However, her love story ended on a sad note because Gibson was killed in a plane crash.

It is a known fact in the world-more than the pressures and increased work deadlines eat in people's lives.

Most guys have to buy expensive programs that claim to turn your love life if you pay thousands of dollars for their products.

The pair couldn't handle their relationship and had divorced in November 2002.

People born in the Year of the Horse are seen as warm-hearted and easygoing.The “exception clause,” except for marital unfaithfulness, is understood in several ways by Bible scholars.Four of these ways are: (a) a single act of adultery, (b) unfaithfulness during the period of betrothal, (c) marriage between near relatives, or (d) continued promiscuity.Unfortunately, she miscarried her first child soon after the episode was taped.

The duo shared a son Niko Santo Pietro (born on 1994) and a daughter, Giovanna (Gigi) (born in 1997).We are praying for Paula White, her three families, and all of the adulterers and adulteresses in churches and in the world to repent.

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