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15-Sep-2019 09:52

Some people are more likely to get a foodborne illness (also called food poisoning) or to get seriously ill.Click here for additional information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.If you would like to donate excess food, please contact our Waste Not OC coalition partner at (855) 700-9662.

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The law was designed to make it easier for nonprofit charitable organizations to meet essential food safety rules while addressing food insecure members of our community. The Food Protection Program has initiated an incentive program for food establishments which identifies and awards a certificate to food establishments that routinely exhibit excellent food safety and sanitation practice.

This guide also lists local resources including Orange County's own Waste Not OC program to help you in your efforts to donate surplus food. A food recall occurs when there is reason to believe that a food may cause consumers to become ill.

A food manufacturer or distributor initiates the recall to take foods off the market.

If you would like to offer suggestions for future issues, please email [email protected]

There are many food facilities that are already contributing and we thank you for your food donations and supporting those in need.

Search the inspection records for food establishments in Orange County within the last 2 years.