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You can check his latest work on the Live Chat Blog and in the Resources section.Twitter Google Linked In Jonny is a co-founder at The Chat Shop.He’s helped customers in over 13 industries use the power of conversation to increase sales and improve customer service through expert UK and US based live chat outsourcing and consulting. Twitter Google Linked In When thinking about online sales and ecommerce, you probably get the picture of a website with a shopping cart and a bunch of products.That definitely works but there is so much more to be done on an ecommerce website.IKEA is a great example of a company that keeps a very unified look in their marketing.No matter if it’s their website, their catalogs or their ads, you always can tell that it’s IKEA by the unique font, the art direction or the characteristic cardboard elements. If you know that very few of your customers would like to call you to order something, you can skip phone as a channel and focus on more lucrative alternatives.

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The aim of this ebook is to help you tweak and optimize your website for sales as well as show you how to use live chat for ecommerce.

The trick is to have several different channels working together.

You want to make it really easy for potential customers to move from channel to channel.

If they all run completely different campaigns, your customers may see them as several different products instead of a single product advertised across several channels. Customers who see your campaign should go “Oh, I saw that already in TV/email/catalogue” when spotting your website advertisement.

Score a couple of ‘Ohs’ like that and you will get a sale.

The sooner they can reach their favorite channel, the greater the chances of you getting another sale.