Online dating scams regarding investments

05-Nov-2019 20:48

Scammers ask you to do things like enter details on a website, answer questions in a survey, or pay upfront for what they have promised.

If you think you’re caught in a scam, click on the situation that seems most like what’s happening for advice on what to do.

It can be to cover a tax, fine, legal fees, bills or any other costs.

Scammers usually put some pressure on you, saying that you or somebody from your family might face criminal charges, lose immigration visa, or employment status.

Promises made in this kind of scam can include inheritance payments, overseas trips, job offers or cars.

But any kind of offer that seems enticing and is made by someone you don’t know, could be the beginning of advance fee fraud.

A scammer with access to your computer can also monitor your online activity to discover internet banking passwords or government service logins.

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This might be via an unexpected phone call or fake online advertisement.

They urge you to click on links and enter personal and financial details into fake websites that look like the real thing.