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25-May-2020 08:19

• When you are ready move away from the “Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome”.

If you watched “Sex and the City”, you’ll remember that Sarah Jessica Parker never would do a nude scene so every time she had sex on the show she’d have a bra on.

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After a couple hours into the date, he started to get a slight too flirty and insinuating he was eager to get a little physical.

What I quickly learned is my experience is not unique and my six months of online dating, coupled with my discussion with other breast cancer survivors, left me with surprisingly wonderful lessons: • Self-esteem takes a lot longer to grow back than hair.

You’re not ugly, undesirable or ruined as I thought myself to be for so long.

He was so bold as to open my jean jacket, point to my breast and say, “I want some of that”. The shear panic of anyone seeing my breasts left me mortified. I’m not saying that I’m not entitled to be concerned for my looks, but the last thing I need after losing my breasts to cancer is to be caught up in what I think is someone else’s idea of what’s aesthetically pleasing.

Breast cancer survivorship is a club no woman wants to belong to, but I knew that if I reached out to women just like me—others dating after a mastectomy—they could surely provide some insight.As I moved forward with a few first dates, there was great relief when none of them led to a second. This is not a story about my online dating experiences.