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07-Oct-2020 19:45

Nude stuff does creep by every now and then but if you're really that prude, know this: the average child's brain's already developed and thinking for themself by the age of 5.By 5 I was taking computers apart and putting them back together again.By 10 I already knew what the internet was, what virus' were, how to build a website, and the anatomy of men and women.The point is you people overreact way too much when it comes to stuff like this, and a good app like Amino shouldn't be drug down because of it.

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The more you attempt to clamp down on what your kid does, the more they'll rebel as they get older plus come up with ways of circumventing what you were trying to do to begin with.I naively let my 13 year old daughter get this app. I noticed a person who had 4 people suggest her then she suggested herself.What it let her do is chat with random strangers online. I have deleted this app once from her phone and she has found other ways to get back into it. The leader said you know we don't look at self suggestions, it's a lie I have evidence off all this in my phone.I suggested they feature some younger artists they simply stated we don't want want them to improve and get as good as our features, whom you can tell looking at alot they have had art school, lessons are adults.

So I suggest they started an age based league., It will discourage these kids. Again I stated there's children here one said no there's not it's 12 I'd assume it's common sense a child is not n adult....12 is not even a teen yet....seem to not care about the feelings of the young ones. I'm seeing reviewers say that they would recommend this for kids at least 13 or even fifteen.

There, there's my 2 cents as a green party voting open-minded Pagan.