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04-Jul-2020 04:40

"[I learned], even though sometimes I feel like I should hold my tongue, to say what I feel," she explains, "he would just have me in so many meetings where I would just see him not hold his mouth for anything -- doesn't matter if the president was in there, the CEO, the mailman, it was always going to be the same response." Although she was dropped from G Unit in 2007, Olivia said that she and 50 have moved on. So for everybody [who says] like, 'Oh, there's beef,' no, we don't. Olivia adds that she and her G Unit family made great memories together. We did everything together -- like not just the tours.

"The Jamaican community knew, obviously, but I never would promote it to anybody else purposely.

"It's so crazy because I'm still like super cool with all of his people," she continues.

"So I know that has to be super awkward for him because they're all like, 'Oh my God, we love Olivia to death,' and I'm like, 'Oh my God, I hate Shaggy's guts.'" In her new book, Olivia also clears up rumors that she dated 50 Cent, the founder of G Unit Records, where she was signed as the label's first female artist back in 2004.

I blame my cousin for putting me on to this #90Day Fiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days Darcy Darcy Darcy Why🤦🏽‍♀️ Tom tryna respect u even tho he catfished u w/his pic😩& can someone pls tell Ceasar that shorty is using him to pay her and her friends bills & will never see him😩😩😩 I pray that u find strength in ur difficult times 2choose hope even if u feel like there is no one 2encourage u.

You can have Love, passion, trust, friendship & loyalty. 2day makes 10 months that I have been without my mom. There is so much evil/bigotry being broadcast in this world today.

In an online post dated February this year, Fally is reported to have meet American rapper Olivia in New York where he was on brief visit to the city.

Plus, my confidence in myself noticeably skyrocketed because I was getting countless messages from crazy-hot Internet strangers, causing me to have that important realization of — and since most women have way less self-confidence than they should have (seriously, if you are reading this right now I guarantee if you think you're a 3, you're an 8, maybe even a 9), the answer was, Seriously, I now know exactly the caliber of people who find me attractive and it actually helps me in real life because now if I'm ever near a hot stranger I'm like, "Oh, he's into me. Likeminded people seek likeminded people a lot of the time. I know it's often impossible to get it to line up like this, but try having a few upcoming dates at once. I cut my foot earlier and my shoe is filling up with blood." 9. When I first started online dating, I was disabling my profile all the time. Here are some tips I've gathered over the years to help you know what to look for in someone else's profile that'll save you a lot of bad dates in the long run. A lot of the time, that person isn't actually that great but once in a great while, they really, truly are. … continue reading »

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