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In 1960, she published a book entitled While most of the other nurses on this list helped those wounded in battle, Dix was able to take nursing to an entirely new realm.

She is credited for opening the first mental asylum within the U. However, Dix fought for years before her ideas were even considered by the government.

Sanger was looking to give women more rights, especially when it came to birth and being a mother, despite the fact that the Catholic Church and the government at the time highly disapproved of her intentions.

Many believe that her push for birth control may have happened due to the fact that her mother died due to her multiple pregnancies of eleven children.

She explained that when a person can fully do all of these things, they no longer need the assistance of a nurse.

Not only did Henderson truly define nursing, she also taught at the Yale School of Nursing, empowering future nurses.

She was sent to a location in Passchendaele, France along with 63 other nurses, where she cared for 2,000 wounded soldiers while under fire.

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Dix travelled up and down the coast from Massachusetts to Louisiana and back, collecting information regarding the treatment of those deemed to be insane.

She was born in Pennsylvania and graduated as a nurse from Pennsylvania Hospital in 1913.

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