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Luminescence dating methods are based on the ability of some mineral grains to absorb and store energy from environmental ionizing radiation emanating from the immediate surroundings of the mineral grains as well as from cosmic radiation.

When stimulated these minerals, generally referred to as dosimeters, will release the stored energy in the form of visible light; hence the term luminescence.

Track lengths (initially ~ 17 microns in length) are proportional to the cooling rate as tracks anneal and close during slow cooling.

Particles that make up atoms – the building blocks of matter.

Conventional formulations of changes in cosmogenic nuclide production rates with snow cover are based on a mass-shielding approach, which neglects the role of neutron moderation by hydrogen.

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TL dating is a matter of comparing the energy stored in a crystal to what "ought" to be there, thereby coming up with a date-of-last-heated.

We use a Monte Carlo particle transport model to simulate fluxes of secondary cosmic-ray neutrons near the surface of the Earth and vary surface snow depth to show changes in neutron fluxes above rock or soil surface.

To correspond with shielding factors for spallation and low-energy neutron capture, neutron fluxes are partitioned into high-energy, epithermal and thermal components.

Since, ESR dating is best and most commonly applied to tooth enamel in archaeology PRINCIPAL: energy trapped in crystal imperfections depends on dose rate and time. Uranium atom produces high energy particles which leave straight "tracks" (10 - 20 µm) in glassy material The tracks are trails of destruction in the crystal lattice formed by particles emitted during spontaneous fission of 238U.

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The number of tracks is proportional to the cooling age as well as to the U content of the apatite.The technique is based on the fact that certain crystal behaves as natural dosimeters.

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