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21-Sep-2020 05:32

Talk-show host Ellen De Generes is executive producer. "I was still in that first year of her passing when they filmed it, and I basically wanted to keep my wife in my memory, to hold on to that," he says."It's a show that I wanted to watch," she says in a promo. In a world that's filled with dating apps, just a good old-fashioned blind date is sometimes just the best way." As viewers will learn on the show, Dubé hadn't been on a date in more than 40 years. They met when she was 17 and he was 22, both living in Ohio at the time. "I wanted to do something singular to keep her life fresh in my mind for one year." Blind date Jeannette didn't have a problem with his woolly appearance. And the promo shows them bonding over their shared experience of losing a spouse.That would not be the only time that evening they would hold hands. Unlike Dubé, who was matched with a woman with similar life experiences, Golden's evening played more like an experiment by producers in whether opposites attract.Golden says she had nothing in common with Woody: "We didn't really agree on much of anything." Golden says she was nominated for the show by a sister and agreed to participate just to see what would come of it."I haven't had a date since my husband died," Jeannette tells him.

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For the audience at home, the show is meant to be "a refreshingly authentic viewing experience that plays like a real-life romantic comedy," according to publicity material. Her death from ovarian cancer was devastating, he says, and a decision he made in mourning — to not trim his hair or beard for a year — led to his shaggy look on the show.

Lastly, be one of these three things: conflict-oriented, funny, or attractive.