Natalia livingston dating tyler christopher

28-Sep-2020 20:45

Even the shower scene afterwards, where she goes and she tries desperately to cleanse herself, that was also just one take.

As actors, we’re required and called on to be able to bring up those emotions over and over and over again.

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Also, afterwards too, because it’s not something that you quickly come down from. I understand that because even as an actor, I can’t remember it.

It was, “OK, let’s take a break and calm down from this.” It’s definitely an out-of-body experience. After those scenes, there was a recovery period that Tyler and I experienced as actors, where our interactions had to be so soft and gentle. It was in no way that any sort of trust was lost, because it’s not the person, it’s an actor playing a character.

But we did our best to get it in one take and build up that emotion.

They gave me plenty of time before all scenes to get to where I needed to be so we could do it in one take. It’s too much for the soul to take in, so you want to detach.

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Honestly, and you're not going to believe this, the last time I really got angry was when I was 15-1/2 years old.

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