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25-Oct-2019 11:56

TRIZ was created by Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller (1926-1998), a Soviet engineer, scientist, and writer.

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TRIZ takes you to the actual problem through its tools, explicit strategies, and proven accuracy.Six Sigma deficiencies can be resolved when used with TRIZ.These two theory’s together will give the company “greater efficiency, effectiveness, and avoided expenses” (n.d.).Altshuller was its leader, and became the President of the Russian TRIZ Association, from there TRIZ went worldwide. Partial or overdone action – achieve more or less of desired effect to simplify problem.

The basic premise of TRIZ is that the contradictions) in “each problem predicts the creative solutions to that problem” (Barry.2006). For example, “A cylinder is painted by dipping into paint but contains more paint than desired.

TRIZ not only enhances Six Sigma’s problem solving feature, but three other areas show improvement: * make decision-making and problem-solving activities error-prone * increase their productivity and reduce cycle time * increase “Roll Throughput Yield of innovative and competitive solutions, through the whole Six Sigma process, is apparent and urgent” (Averboukh.n.d.).