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27-Oct-2019 09:23

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Make sure your bow is serving its purpose and that you’re putting in the effort (note: effort levels are often noticeable in bows). However, it’s more common for Korean men to offer a handshake than women.

Here’s Seoulistic’s video on When and How to Bow in Korea: Titles and Names: When calling other people, Korean etiquette often dictates the use of titles instead of names. Park,” the title 아버지 (abeoji – “father”) is more appropriate.

First time meetings in Korea are not always as simple as “hello.” There’s a lot of times people might be offended.

Find out the do’s and don’ts of Korean etiquette when meeting someone for the the first time!

But your napkin is your friend, so don’t be afraid to use it throughout the meal to blot your mouth and keep it clean while you eat.

To non-drinkers, it might result in a head-pounding makgeolli hangover the next day. • Don’t finish your drink so you don’t get refills.

If you’re meeting friends of friends, your internet penpal, or maybe even a few chaps at the pub, greeting etiquette in Korea is quite relaxed.

Most informal settings only require a small, short bow and a smile.

This is probably the most misunderstood rule in dining etiquette.

It’s true that you should keep your elbows off the table while you’re eating—and keep your free hand on your lap.

That’s also why employers will often take you out to dinner as part of the interview process…Again, maybe the hiring manager doesn’t care if you have bad table manners, but they may worry that your potential clients (or other big wigs) will be bothered that you eat like an absent-minded caveman.

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