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I am a single mom of three, my sons are 26 n 27, living on their own, I also have a 14 yr old daughter living with me.Nik, the mom of 2 does drugs and cheats on many people and acts like she never did anything.The vocabulary (and confidence) to challenge and confront these norms, at least in my case, took some time to take shape.So, with this in mind, The London Free Press picked up the Slut Walk story this week, focusing on the divisiveness of the word “slut” among local women’s groups.After a short time, it became clear that this was a word that revolved around shame, violence, and stereotypes.And, while I may not have realized it at the time, this was one of those moments in which my own interest in language, and the significance of the words we choose to use, took shape.He has bought, sold AND done drugs in front of the older children and is basically a child himself.He has verbally abused his youngest childrens mother in front of all 4 of his children and has a very long criminal record and still thinks he’s an angel, stay away from him, he’s a disgrace to fatherhood.

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We see it with the police, the judicial system, and mainstream media, certainly.I can’t help but go back to Emma Woolley’s earlier post on the Toronto Slut Walk.Sonya Barnett, the Toronto Slut Walk organizer, made some astute points concerning language that I align with. Language can absolutely hold us hostage–paralyze us–if we give it that power.April 13th, 2011 by Meg Pirie Comments This Sunday, around 300 women from across the city came together in Victoria Park to participate in London’s Slut Walk, inspired by recent events in Toronto. I remember in high school–probably around grade 10–that the word “slut” first started getting used with regularity.

The event was co-organized by Amazon Collective, a local pro-woman action group, and VDay Western, a global movement to end violence against women and girls, that has brought the university and London communities The Vagina Monologues for nine years, along with a slew of other campaigns and events that benefit local organizations committed to non-violence. While walking my incredible dog Layla through the park while participants began to congregate, I saw people of various ages united to challenge the culture of victim blaming that exists on a societal level. As a sheltered only child who spent a lot of time playing solitaire, I may not have immediately understood this word, but its implications were clear. Buoyed by my observations, I rushed home with my pup to record some of my thoughts concerning this event. London, Ontario is my home and I love it; there are some incredible things happening here and there is loads of potential in spite of some inept local politicians.