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its territory to Mexico and its Anglo-Ignore them altogether, as one ought to treat Protestant identity will be undermined) thatthe ruminations of Holocaust deniers?

Or implicitly call for stronger countermeasures.examine them mainly as ideological tracts?

As anybody who has participated in a debate or political campaign should recommit themselves to the knows, the battle is half won or lost accord- Anglo-Protestant culture, traditions, and ing to who chooses the issues on which to values that for three and a half centuries focus and the terms through which these have been embraced by Americans of all issues will be sorted out. xvii) and Anglo they become, his thesis has already won half of the debate.

Thus, if one follows races, ethnicities, and religions and that Huntington, implicitly accepting that good have been the source of their liberty, uni- Americans are Anglo-Protestants and that ty, power, prosperity, and moral leader- Mexican immigrants are or are not becoming ship as a force for good in the world. If instead one Fostering unity and suppressing differences asks what Mexican immigrants have con-would also be greatly helped by putting the tributed to make American society better andnation on war-footing. But in pursuing this Qaeda, he writes, provides a new threat, fill- course, one is left open to the suggestion thating a void and offering hope for a reinvigo- still other angles exist that were overlooked,rated American nation and Anglo-Protestant Contemporary Sociology 34, 5#2435—CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGY—VOL 34 NO 5—FILE: 34501_rev_essay_1480–Essayand questions arise as to whether all mea- gringo-ized, given the spread of Americansurements should be given equal weight.

identity, and unity by non-acculturating Mexicans, likewise finds little support in the The Threat of Secession? To reiterate, I have no intention of The threat of secession is fear mongering at playing Huntington’s game and getting miredits extremist form. Huntington claimssimilar claims have been made about many that a major sign that Mexicans are refusingimmigrant groups, including Catholic immi- to become part of the American society isgrants.

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When the Nazis were about to over-diligence by a keen publisher. It is a familiar issue, seen for Huntington’s concerns go beyond the mereexample in the debates over whether or not threat of a linguistically, culturally, and polit-Saddam actually possessed nuclear weapons ically fractured American society.If one goes too farcal integrity of the United States” (ibid. down this road, in effect one gets sucked into243).