Jordan rodrigues and xenia goodwin dating

02-Jan-2020 01:30

Tara tries to forget about her recent kiss with Ethan so she can focus on her exams. Abigail puts herself under a lot of pressure with the goal of scoring a scholarship.

Sammy discovers she's been starving herself, but Abigail makes him promise not to say anything until the exams are over.

Christian and Ethan see each other as friendly rivals and become competitive.

Tara is ecstatic when Ethan asks her to dance in his assessment piece.

Tara is struggling to keep Ethan out of her thoughts.

Sammy has to choose between compulsory Saturday ballet classes or his Synagogue services.

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Tara is glad to see her mother and father again, but when they arrive she discovers the farm is in financial trouble.Tara educates Kat in every aspect of the art form of crushes.Tara is tired of being the youngest and dislikes that Ethan thinks of her as just a little kid.Kat, Sammy, Abigail and her little sister Paige go to an amusement park, however, Abigail fails to connect with Paige, who would rather be with Kat and Sammy.

The students are under heavy pressure during exam week.After Tara goes to see Natasha in her dressing room before another performance and Natasha makes her leave, she realises why Kat has been mad at her for thinking so highly of her mother.