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29-Oct-2020 11:55

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I now have muscle definition, especially in my legs and abs.

All the squats, donkey kicks, attitudes, and lunges reshaped my butt, though not in the way my native country would find attractive: Rather than shrink, it became rounder.

He was convinced that women physically decay by age 27, and thought I was inching closer and closer to that doom.

I still silently curse whenever the instructor commands we do a set of burpees, but I ultimately always have fun.

"We have a real disconnect between real and perceived image, to the point that many Italian women avoid a lot of types of garments, activities, and ambitions because they feel they are not up to the task." is the ultimate springboard in Italian entertainment: The most successful ones date soccer players, become TV and radio hosts, and, in rare cases, get important roles in movies.

Looking like one of them becomes an aspiration, in all its aspects.

Not that I had much time for that: I was about to move to the United States for my graduate studies, and who cares if people tell you in your face that you “look like a Grecian urn” or call your thighs “hams” if you're about to relocate to New York?

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Once I was a starry-eyed transplant in New York, I tried to partake in a more American lifestyle by developing a workout routine. Plus, my allergies were somehow nonexistent on this side of the Atlantic. Lapping Prospect Park or running alongside Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Columbia waterfront district became a biweekly ritual.

S., but in my native Italy, beauty standards are different.

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