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19-Nov-2020 07:31

BREXIT SCENARIOSThe deal comes amid uncertainty over Britain's exit from the European Union and Blackstone and Thomson Reuters run the risk that LSE shares could fall if Britain leaves without a deal.

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to take Britain out of the bloc by October 31 with or without a deal, sending the pound to is lowest level in more than two years.

David Archuleta This May, twenty-six million people were glued to their televisions as they watched seventeen-year-old David Archuleta battle twenty-five-year-old David Cook for the title of "American Idol." With three stunning and fl awless performances, judge Simon Cowell called the teen's effort "a knock-out." Despite his best efforts, however, David Cook won the competition--but the younger David has had an impact on the show that can't even begin to be measured.

"I've received emails about David from as far away as Israel and Ireland," says Dean Kaelin, David's voice coach.

Asset managers have told regulators that exchanges are charging too much for data on share prices and LSE stressed that it would retain its commitment to "open access" after the deal. While Schwimmer said it was too early to comment on possible job losses, LSE Chief Financial Officer David Warren said the areas where there were overlaps that could yield cost savings include property, technology and corporate services.

LSE expects the deal to complete by the second half of 2020 and will pay Refinitiv a break fee of 198.3 million pounds if the merger is blocked by regulators.

Advisers for LSE include CEO Schwimmer's former employer Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Robey Warshaw, and its corporate broker Barclays while Refinitiv was advised by Evercore, Canson Capital and Jefferies.

"This transaction is a defining moment for LSE in terms of its strategic importance," LSE Chairman Don Robert said of the purchase, which comes ten months after a consortium led by U. private equity group Blackstone completed a leveraged buyout of Refinitiv from Thomson Reuters.