Intj with intj dating

17-Apr-2020 04:27

So I suspect I'm just the person you're looking for (although there are more of me out there). I've been in two relationships, and the first was in high school. My husband is someone I never would have ended up in a relationship with if I had met him the "normal" way.

We met in an MSN chat room (back when those still existed).

I'm decently attractive (and don't really have a problem finding a guy to sleep with, if I feel like it), but trying to be "sexy" or girly and coquettish has always felt like a ridiculous act. I mean, for a fling or a one night stand, maybe, but not for a LTR or a marriage.

For my fellow INTJ women who have found lasting love, can you offer any advice? If you can't have a meaningful conversation with someone, being in a relationship with them is hell.

Those topics are really vital to a lot of people's dating lives - it's like their litmus test for a potential "sit on the couch with me in my underwear" partner.

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We confront the world as a team, and we look out for each other and take care of each other.

Just based on personal human experiences and what intrigues them most. Which makes sense to most people - the whole "once you're done with school, you get to stop using your brain" mentality plagues nearly everyone who is becoming an adult.

Men who don't see you as an intellectual colleague will assume that to talk about those boring little date conversation starter topics.

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I think it's a combo of too-high intelligence standards and feeling like the games and flirting that inevitably come with meeting someone new are a bit foolish.


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