Indian girls dating white men

12-Nov-2020 03:57

Its an odd dichotomy that I have no explanation for.I know white liberal feminist types who are totally submissive to their ethnic boyfriends, but would never act sub with a white guy around their same age.Its like they put them on this imaginary pedestal when they are easier to obtain a NSA relationship with than minority women(this being due to most ethnic women growing up in conservative sexually repressive households and white women growing up in liberal sex positive feminized least where I am from in the SF BAY AREA Cali ...Sister thread I had no idea until the recent threads that all these Indian guys feel as if they are second-place, or that they are being forced to settle, or getting "used-goods." By the way, on a side note, that last term is hurtful and I think you shouldn't use it. Do you think that White women should treat you better? You kind of start at the bottom of the mountain with white women just because we get screwed by the media portrayal plus the absurd amount of horniness and thirst of 99% of indian guys. Or do you think that you should probably do some introspection to see why you might have trouble with dating? Yes it is more difficult and at times it doesn't seem fair but such is life. My opinion has always been that while a white man needs to only be in the top 20% to be successful with women, ethnic men need to be in the top 1-5%.I'm currently dating an American white girl, but I'm pretty sure she has a brown fetish since she's an Asian Studies major who has visited India before.

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I don't even bother or even interested in Indian men at all.

I suppose this is due to the cultural perception of white guys being higher status, and women crave a guy with a higher status than them.

Also I don't know why, but asian/indian guys just seem to be more shy, awkward, and less socially charismatic, which does not do them any favors.

i love seeing new places and learning about life in general. Basically, I'm a mature 14 year old Indian girl from Birmingham, uk.

I would really like to meet Indian women who are interested in corresponding via email. I have a graduate Mississippi State University. I would preferably like to meet someone younger than me. Can I just express that I just happened to stumble upon this link and thought that I may aswell comment on it.Black guy and I think all minorities get the shaft, but Indians seem to have it worse than blacks.

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